GN at home

While we are closed we thought you might enjoy some suggestions of Great Northern things you can do at home.

Forest Tots Week 8 – Bubbles

LITTLE Kids with BIG Bubbles: Outdoor Fun with Tots Following on from last week’s nature potions, this...

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Forest Tots Week 7 – Nature Potions with Tots

NATURE POTIONS WITH TOTS Every child starts life as a natural scientist. Making nature potions is a...

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Forest Tots Week 6 – Outdoor Music Activities for Tots

OUTDOOR MUSIC ACTIVITIES FOR TOTS With less competition from human activity, the sweet sounds of spring...

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James Martin: Store Cupboard Waffle Berry Pie!

We spotted this tasty little treat from the chefs at James Martin Manchester and thought would share here......

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Forest Tots Week 5 – Small World Play for Tots

SMALL WORLD PLAY FOR TOTS There are not many things more magical than having a miniature world of your...

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Forest Tots Online Week 4 – Leaf Activities

LEAF ACTIVITIES FOR TOTS There are so many leaf activities that you can do with your tot. The differences...

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Life Centre North Virtual Yoga Studio

Life Centre North have now taken their yoga classes online so you can join in from your living room! They...

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Forest Tots Online Week 3 – Mud Play with Tots

MUD PLAY WITH TOTS Messing about in mud is one of my favourite things to do. Plus, it is good for you. Did...

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Forest Tots Online Week 2 – Gardening with Tots

GARDENING WITH TOTS I just love gardening, don’t you? The satisfaction of carefully nurturing something...

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