The Book Nook Community Library Opens at Great Northern

Posted: 26th November 2021

We have opened The Book Nook, a newly designed space situated by the entrance to the cinema, which supports access to free books, and provides a quiet place to stop off in the city centre.

The library is open from 10am -7.30pm each day so local residents and visitors can pick up a book in their lunch break or on their way home from work. There is also a well equipped children’s section making it a perfect stop off for parents with kids in tow looking for a warm, dry space to entertain the kids free of charge in the city centre.

Visitors can enjoy a quiet read at the Book Nook, or take away a maximum of two books each visit. Books can be kept, or returned to the library for others to read after use. Those wanting to donate books can also drop them off any time in the box situated outside the Book Nook entrance.

Great Northern’s pledge to support the Global Educational Trust is at the heart of the new library launch.

The Global Education trust is a charity that supports local communities, running projects throughout the UK and worldwide to provide educational opportunities for all, and to promote literacy amongst the young and old. The charity believes that by providing a basic education it is possible to help people out of poverty, individuals become teachers for others and whole communities can benefit. Therefore, The Book Nook will be adorned with in posters about the charity and where to donate.

The Book Nook is actively seeking volunteers to help run the library and bring Manchester’s community together. Anyone wanting to get involved should contact

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