James Martin: Store Cupboard Waffle Berry Pie!

We spotted this tasty little treat from the chefs at James Martin Manchester and thought would share here… To watch the video of Head Chef Doug Crampton making it click here

Store Cupboard Waffle Berry Pie
– Four Portions


4 Waffles

1 Tin condensed milk

200g Frozen berries

100g White chocolate buttons

1. Break up the waffles and add them to an oven proof dish

2. Top up with the frozen fruits and white chocolate buttons

3. Evenly pour over the condensed milk

4. Bake in the oven at 180°c for 15 minutes

5. Serve with ice cream or eat on its own!

Notes –

  • Works well with waffles which need using up as they’re going stale
  • You can also use GF waffles for a quick GF dessert
  • Any berries or frozen fruit can be used

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