Learning to listen

Posted: 11th October 2020

The Great Northern started life as a warehouse – a giant depot where goods were unloaded from the intersecting railways, canals and roads. Built to serve Victorian Manchester, it’s always been about meeting the needs of the city. In the 60’s and 70’s, the warehouse became a carpark and in the 1990’s it had a rebirth as a retail and leisure complex. In 2015 The Great Northern was bought by The Peterson Group who, with developers Trilogy, saw its potential to become something truly special.

At Trilogy we believe that when places evolve collaboratively, drawing on the ideas of many people, they have the chance of being more meaningful, inclusive, and adaptable. Since 2015 we have listened to over 500 people give their views about the Great Northern and how it might change over time.

It’s clear that that people love the historical architecture of the Great Northern and want the warehouse to find a new purpose. There is a desire for more greening across the site and in the city centre. They want more ‘life’ in the building and for the place to become somewhere unique – with independent shops and Manchester’s diverse heritage celebrated. These views are driving our plans for the future of the site.

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